About Us


What drives Real Life Community Outreach?  

A passion to see compassion put into action. We want to see community impact and changed lives. 

How did Real Life Community Outreach start?    

Each of the core programs, food and clothing pantry, vocational training, and kids camps, started within River City Community Church by volunteers who wanted to make an impact. As these programs grew it was clear that they had incredible potential. Real Life Community Outreach was started to give these programs opportunity to grow and to allow for a bridge to be established with other partners from around the community   

What are our aspirations?  

We dream of partnering with businesses, churches, organizations, donors, and volunteers, joining together to see more compassion and practical help shared in our community.  

Who is our leadership?  

Real Life Community Outreach is a non-profit corporation in the state of Texas and recognized as tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service.

Real Life Christian Assistance
Director: Rick Marcantel 
Operations Manager: Lonna Averill

Real Life Vocational Training Institute
Director: Yoan Mora 

Real Life Kids Camps
Director: Willy Mayfield 
Executive Director: Mike McGuire

Board of Directors
Sean Azzaro
William Mayfield
Mike McGuire
Butch Newman
Ursula Pari
Terri Mauldin